Great Communication Secrets Exposed

I read a terrific book "Great Communication Secrets of Great Leaders" written by John Boldoni. It is an excellent resource of communication tips and tricks and »

Anticipate problems before they happen

A smart friend of mine told me once: „I have a gift for you. Anticipate problems before they happen.”. Above mentioned is not about managing risk. »

Principled lecture

Last week I had a pleasure to conduct a lecture with senior years students from Wroclaw University of Economics. It was part of "Wroclaw's graduate" project »

You have plenty of time

"I do not have time". You used to hear that sentence very often. Moreover, it may be you who say it at least few times each »

Why are we managing projects?

I’m preparing a Project Management training. It will be a basic training containing a case study from a recent project I took part in. I »