How a Vague Situation Engaged My Negotiation Competence

I used to write on this blog about negotiation theory but herewith I will say more about practical aspect of negotiation. A week before last I »

Discuss It Smartly

Many times we are having tough discussion under pressure when we want to deliver or accomplish but the other side creates a lot of tension. Reacting »

Great Communication Secrets Exposed

I read a terrific book "Great Communication Secrets of Great Leaders" written by John Boldoni. It is an excellent resource of communication tips and tricks and »

Anticipate problems before they happen

A smart friend of mine told me once: „I have a gift for you. Anticipate problems before they happen.”. Above mentioned is not about managing risk. »

Principled lecture

Last week I had a pleasure to conduct a lecture with senior years students from Wroclaw University of Economics. It was part of "Wroclaw's graduate" project »